What is ONEcare?

ONEcare is a system designed by our owner & cleaner to ensure unmatched cleaning and service. All garments treated with ONEcare are provided with all the necessary aides to foster the longevity of both fabric and color, keeping them looking brand new for longer & you at your best, always. Items receiving ONEcare treatment are separated and handled with processes that differ greatly from that of regular cleaning services. Stain removal as a whole can range from basic to luxury. To ensure your garments receive luxury care, Quay, alongside many professional colleagues and chemists has developed a unique process to determine a removal plan for each individual piece. Using our wide array of stain removers and corn-based detergents we are able to exercise every option to fully remove your stains while maintaining luster, color & softness. From stain removal to a gentle cleaning, your garment moves on to its luxury second step.

It gets fully de-pilled, de-linted, and inspected for even the smallest imperfection before it makes its way to press. Your items are pressed with a combination of machine and hand-pressing with special attention to every part of the garment. From there, items are finished on their hangers to keep their structure and present with the perfect, seamless integrity you expect. It’s ONEcare, but it’s every time.

Dry Cleaning

Laundered Shirts
$4.25 (Original)
$9.55 (ONEcare)
Laundered Shirts – Hand Finished
$6.25 (Original)
$10.95 (ONEcare)
$9.95 (Original)
$14.95 (ONEcare)
Suit Jacket/Blazer
$12.95 (Original)
$19.95 (ONEcare)
2 Piece Suit
$22.90 (Original)
$34.90 (ONEcare)
$9.95 (Original)
$14.95 (ONEcare)
$9.95 (Original)
$14.95 (ONEcare)
$9.95 (Original)
$14.95 (ONEcare)
$18.55 (Original)
$29.95 (ONEcare)
$18.95 (Original)
$29.95 (ONEcare)
Wash and Fold (10lb minimum)
$4.00 / lb (Original)

These are base prices and may be subject to change due to items such as stain treatment, layers, premium brands, etc.)


Yes ()

Rug Cleaning

$3.75 / sqft ()
$4.00 / sqft ()


Comforters – Twin *
$39.95 ()
Comforters – Full *
$39.95 ()
Comforters – Queen *
$44.95 ()
Comforters – King *
$49.95 ()

* Add $5 for down

Shoe Repair

Sole Replacement
$59.00 ()
Heel Replacement
$39.00 ()
UGG Cleaning
$49.95 ()

Client Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers

  • Heather Maston

    Google Review

    Quality Cleaners are amazing! I sell vintage clothing so I’m very particular about how items are cleaned and cared for given the age of certain garments. On my first visit the owner was very informative and took the time to explain how they specifically clean garments and which products they use; all very important for my business and preserving and extending the life of the clothes I sell. I feel very confident leaving vintage designer pieces in their hands like the two pictured here. The gold blouse had extremely deep wrinkles and the owner took extra time and care to return it to me looking superb! Amazing customer service and very fair prices!

  • Adriana Buono

    Google Review

    Since moving to the area three years ago, I have only used Quality Cleaners for all of my alteration and dry cleaning needs, among a few other services. Their work is impeccable, their prices are very reasonable, and the staff is so friendly; they take the time to get to know their clientele, making for a warm and personable experience. Their delivery service has saved me in a pinch on more than one occasion as well - so helpful and convenient! Quality Cleaners is a true gem in our community!

  • Paula Vician

    Google Review

    Quay and his Team always greet you when you walk in their door, are friendly and personable. Whether I have one item or several items to have dry cleaned, Quality Cleaners is my local "go-to" for excellent service I can count on. Quality Cleaners also delivers to my home which has been SO helpful, as I often work late, and am unable to get there before they close. I have not yet used their alteration service, but will certainly do so as the need arises. Happy New Year, and MANY THANKS to Quay and his Team from a very satisfied customer!

  • Beth Champlin

    Google Review

    I can’t say enough good things about Quality Cleaners...i partake in their pick up and delivery service and they are terrific. They are so reliable and dependable. Their work is exceptional, they consistently get the stains out of my husbands clothing! He seems to be a stain magnet and every time they were able to make his clothing look like new! They have also done my table linens for special occasions and when feeling exceptionally luxurious even my bedding! They are fantastic!

  • Eva Martin

    Google Review

    Quality cleaners is literally the best. I brought in a white sweatshirt with a HUGE stain on the front that wouldn’t budge after every attempt I made at home. I brought it in and the owner took care of me right away, assured he would do everything he could. Not only did he get the stain out but the sweatshirt looks better than it did when I bought it! So so happy please support this awesome small business!!

  • Brian Walsh

    Google Review

    Quay and his team are friendly, professional, attentive and their services are top notch. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a great dry cleaner. You won’t be disappointed, and if for some reason you are, Quay will work to correct it. He strives for excellence. They also have delivery and pick up which is very convenient. Give them a try!

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